About Us

“Change” is perhaps the only concept of the century that will never change. The driving force of change is information and its applicability. In every field of life, there are a lot of concepts we use to enhance our human qualifications and competency: pursuing a career, realizing and knowing oneself, enlightenment, having a grasp of new information technologies, fulfilling the requirements of occupation in the best way, being global citizens, being multicultural and etc. The main intersection point of these concepts is “knowledge” and education.

Although the ways to reach knowledge have varied today, having access to right knowledge with right methods still maintains its importance. With its certification programs, language schools, higher education counseling services and education tourism project, Akademie für Internationale Bildung und Sprache (Akademie IBS) serves this purpose.

Practical training together with theoretical information is offered in certification programs of  Akademie für İnternationale Bildung und Sprache (Akademie IBS) by academicians working at universities and experts working for notable companies, and corporate visits provide an opportunity to observe technology on site.

Students coming from different countries are given opportunities to study university or to do master’s degree/PhD in Germany via higher education counseling services. Since the medium of instruction is German at universities, German courses are provided for trainees to enable them to learn German in a short time and continue their education.

The main goal of business visits is to give them the opportunity to meet with leading companies coming from abroad and operating in Germany and exchange information with them. Moreover, these visits aim at forming business partnership with various sectors.

As Webster stated “There are two types of knowledge: Either you know something or you know where to find information about it.”

We are here for you!