Undergraduate and graduate students in Germany benefit from a number of scholarship opportunities. Some institutions such as foundations, associations and companies allocate some of their budgets to support education. These institutions provide scholarship according the department, field of study, gender, country of origin, master’s or doctoral thesis of the student. Some institutions, for instance, want students to conduct their doctoral study within their institution.

The amount of scholarship varies depending on the institution or the nature of the scholarship. However, undergraduate students may find scholarship up to 1300 Euros a month while it is 3000 Euros a month for the students of doctoral study programs. If the students are married and/or with children, the amount of scholarship increases more. Many scholarships also include compulsory monthly insurance.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DeutscherAkademischerAustauschdienst/DAAD) also provides wide range of scholarship opportunities to students from outside Germany. There is a quite useful web page serving for this purpose.

The students from Turkey can also take advantage of KYK (General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution) scholarships and academic credits.

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