Application and Admission Requirements

As Germany is a counry governed with state sytem and univesities are autonomous institutions, higher education system varies with respect to state. Nevertheless, main aspects are almost common.

Some universities collaborate with an institution named UniAisst to organize applications. In this case, as there is an intermediary between university and candidates, application period may be a bit longer and procedure failures may arise. For this reason, it is vitally important that candidates track their applications meticulously.

Acedemic year at universities in Germany consists of two semesters: Summer (Sommer Semester) and Winter (Winter Semester). Because annual education is composed of semesters, students can start studying in either of the semesters. Therefore, application forms prepared by universities (Zulassungsantrag) must be submitted to relevant departments of universities along with other documents required for application until

January 15 for Summer Semester,

July 15 for Winter Semester.

Applications are evaluated and finalized in 4-7 weeks. Visa applications are finalized in 4-6 weeks.

To apply for undergraduate programs, generally it is enough to take YGS (Examination of Transition to Higher Education) and LYS (Undergraduate Placement Examination) and as a result of these exams to become entitled to take education in any 4 year university in Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. To be able to apply for universities in Germany, it is not an obligation to enroll in the university where one gets into. (Candidates outside Turkey willing to receive university education in Germany must be successful in their national examinations and become entitled to get into a university).

The applications of candidates getting into the Faculty of Open University are not accepted. Students having completed 4 semesters in the faculty of open university can apply. If they are admitted to a university in Germany, recognized courses they have taken before are accepted.

Since LYS exam result is valid for 1 year, application must be made within this duration. Students can make registration application to the departments they get into or any other departments receiving students with the same score type. However, if the department they get into is different from the department they are admitted to, there might be problems during visa process. For this reason, students must apply to the same departments they get into. Receiving conditional pre-acceptance and on completion of visa process, students can apply to other departments with the same score type.

Another important requirement to be able to start university education in Germany is German language proficiency. To prove German language proficiency, candidates must get at least 4 from TestDaF test, the validity of which is accepted by all universities in Germany, or at least 2 from DSH test. (To enroll in some departments like Medicine and Law, candidates must get 5 from TestDaF, 3 from DHS.)

Candidates who do not have language proficiency are admitted according to “conditional pre-acceptance” and they are given 1 year to learn German. Candidates coming to Germany with 1 year language school visa learn German by enrolling in a suitable language school. (To get visa more easily, candidates had better enroll in language courses before coming to Germany.) Candidates obtaining sufficient score from language test can apply to different universities and departments as well as being able to enroll in universities and department from which they have received conditional pre-acceptance. Candidates must get professional support to apply to universities and to receive conditional pre-acceptance certificate.

In addition to these requirements, some leading universities also consider provisions like high school graduation GPA, courses taken, placement score, score ranking.

As there is not a central placement system in German higher education system, candidates can increase the possibility of their getting “acceptance certificate” (Zulassungsbescheid) by applying to more than one university. There are no obstacles to applying for more than one university except for application expenses. As every university may require different documents, candidates should research required documents or get professional support in order to keep application process short.

Universities act autonomously. In this case, the possibility of receiving education at the university and department they wish to study increases. Studying in the department they wish affects students’ academic success positively.

On account of the agreement with our business parter universities, we offer 12 month conditional pre-acceptance opportunity to candidates applying. Thus, candidates come to Germany and start German courses without wasting any time. Candidates who have required language proficiency start education in departments or universities they get into if they wish or apply to different departments if they wish.

Applications are finalized expeditiously as application process is organized and tracked meticulously by our institution.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. High school diploma*
  2. High school transcript*
  3. ÖSYM placement certificate*
  4. CV
  5. Passport photocopy
  6. Motivation letter as to why you want to study in relevant university in Germany (This document is not compulsory but it has a positive influence.)
  7. Reference letter (not compulsory but it has a positive influence.)
  8. Internship certificate (not compulsory)
  9. IELTS/TOEFL Score if the language of instruction of the relevant program is English**
  10. TestDaf/DHS Score if the language of instruction of the relevant program is German**
  11. Application form

*The originals of documents must not be sent. Notarized German translation of documents must be sent after the issuance of an apostille.

** Candidates who do not have language proficiency receive pre-acceptance and join language courses. On completion of language course, these exams are taken. For detailed information, please see German Language Preparatory Courses.

Documents in English generally do not have to be translated into German.

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