Getting education abroad means sailing into new horizons, being a world citizen, getting wisdom and being more equipped. It is highly prestigious to get higher education or graduate education in a country like Germany.

On the other hand, education abroad is both a long and hard process. Getting education in a country whose language and culture one is not familiar witha brings about many worries. Receiving consultancy from wrong people in this process means waste of time and paves the way for the process to turn into a nightmare. With our advisors with experience of more than 10 years, we are with you in every stage of the process.

Owing to the fact that Akademie-IBS is settled in Germany, we see all prospective advisee as our guests. We help our guest students in Germany in every aspect from making university applications to placing them into their places.

Our Services,

  • Academic consultancy in determining the university and the department to be applied,
  • Helping in writing letter of motivation,
  • Making university application and obtaining conditional pre-acceptance letter; the universities in Germany evaluate applications only twice a year. Thanks to our business partner universities, we offer applicants 12-month conditional pre-acceptance. Hence, students can come to Germany and immediately start a language course without wasting anytime. The students who are proficient in language can start their majors, if they desire so, or apply to a different department.

Due to the fact that university applications are made and tracked by our institution sensitively, applications are finalized rapidly without any problems.

  • Visa consultancy,
  • Helping in finding accommodation by offering alternatives,
  • Welcoming at the airport and taking to the place of accommodation,
  • Making enrollment in our language course or a course in the city where university is located,
  • Scholarship consultancy regarding the institutions to apply for scholarship,
  • Making residency registration upon arrival in Germany,
  • Opening bank account,
  • Visa consultancy during the process of visa extension,
  • Helping in insurance procedures,
  • Buying a SIM card,
  • 1 year academic consultancy as of the arrival date to Germany,
  • Sending application letters to university following the fulfillment of language proficiency, (If there is no specific choice of university, we guarantee applicants to be placed in a university.)

It is our utmost happiness to have a positive impact on advisees and being remembered as “good”.

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