Tuition Fee and Living Costs

Education and living costs vary depending on the requests of the students, city of residence, language course and university. Nevertheless, following reflects an average work.

Tuition Fee: Excluding private universities, tuition fee for universities in Germany has been abolished. There is only payment between 100-400 € collected as tuition fee.

Accommodation: Accommodation expenses vary depending on accommodation type (rental house, dormitory, guest house, etc.) and the city of residence. For instance, accommodation expenses in NorthreinWestfalien state are reasonable while it increases in Baden Württemberg state. Accommodation expenses vary between 150 € and 400 € depending on the type of accommodation.

Food Expenditure: in comparison to general living conditions, food expenditure is reasonable in Germany. Food expenditure of a student is between 150-250€ monthly.

Health Insurance: It is compulsory to have health insurance in Germany. Health insurance fee ranges from 50 € to 100 € for a month although it may vary depending on special conditions of a person.

Cultural Activities: Students in Germany are offered a wide range of cultural and social opportunities. Students go to museums, cinema, theatre, concert and entertainment centers with reduced prices. A budget of 50 € will be quite sufficient.

In short, education and living expenses of a student in Germany are between 450 € and 850 €.

University students in Germany take advantage of wide range of scholarship facilities. A successful student may have a comfortable academic life. Please visit our Scholarship webpage for scholarship opportunities.

Moreover, as explained in work permit part, students can easily find part-time jobs. Considering the fact that students also have rights of reduced prices for many things, monthly education and living expenditures do not discourage the candidates.


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