Accommodation Opportunities

Students may benefit from various accommodation opportunities. One of them is Youth Hostels(Jugendherberge) where daily price is 13 Euros and most include breakfast. These dormitories are open to general admission and therefore not only for the university students. We do not recommend these hostels to our students on account of the fact that they are not suitable atmospheres to study.

Another option is university dormitories or private student dormitories. Students may stay in single room or a room for double. In dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms and restrooms are shared. They offer facilities of Internet, café, canteen and laundry room. Monthly fee varies between 130 Euro sand 230 Euros. Due to huge demand for these dormitories, it is essential to have reservation.

Students, if they desire, can also rent a room in a flat (Wohngemeinschaft WG). Kitchen, bathroom and restroom are shared. The rent of these rooms varies between 150 and 400 Euros depending on the size of the room, age of the building, the city of the building and the location.

The students who are not willing to share areas such as kitchen, restroom and bathroom can also rent a flat for a single person. The size of these flats varies between 15 and 50 square meter. The rent of such flats varies between 350 and 900 Euros depending on the condition and age as well as the city and the location of the building. Rent is shared among those who stay in the flat.

Another option for accommodation is the opportunity offered by German families. Some families open a room of their homes for university students. Students can use kitchen, bathroom and restroom along with the room. Some families ask for a rent between 150-250 Euros whereas some others offer such opportunities in return for some assistances such as grass lawn, snow removal, baby-sitting, and pick up children from school etc.

Upon their requests, we help our students solve their problems of accommodation.


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