Work Permit

Higher education students have 90 days full-time or 180 days part-time work permits. Should the need arise, universities also provide employment opportunities. Most of the university students work at part time jobs and bear their university expenses as no tax is collected from incomes below 450 € a month.

In Germany, employees are paid according to number of work hours. Hourly pays usually vary between 8,5 € and 12 €. In holiday seasons such as summer holiday, government does not collect tax from employers for their employees who are students. Therefore, employers prefer to employ students on holidays. Due to the fact that no tax is collected from students and employers, students may find work opportunities paying 12-20 € for an hour especially in summer vacations. Pay increases even more at night shifts. Because taxation limit of 450 € was removed, students have considerable amount of income.

All these explanations are applicable for the students who enroll at universities. Students who come to Germany for language education are not granted work permit. In some cases, consulate may grant part-time work permit along with visa; however, this is not a general condition. Without learning German, works like cleaning and sanitation may be available but during the process of language learning such works are not advised as they have adverse outcome.


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